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This is a page about the Mundus Concordia timeline, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Timelines are counted around the game of origin, so 6 BM is six years before Mundus Concordia. WARNING: There may be unmarked spoilers!

Mundus Concordia Timeline

61 BMAvrum Didacus born
33 BMGeneral Donovan born
32 BMColonel Maurize born
27 BMColonel Karet born
Colonel Tonnet born
Justina Fuller born
24 BMColonel Renauld born
16 BMVallen Hawkeye born
Philippa born
14 BMAlmodine Werr born
12 BMGloria Rosebloom born
Maggie's Backstory (pages 1-3)
11 BMGloria's Backstory (pages 1-9)
9 BMMaggie's Backstory (page 4)
8 BMPhilippa's Backstory (pages 1-9)
6 BMUnias Praetris (pages 1-22)
Gloria's Backstory (pages 10-31)
Maggie's Backstory (pages 5-9)
4 BMUnias Praetris (pages 22-29)
MCPhilippa's Backstory (pages 20-31)
Maggie's Backstory (pages 10-31)
Villain Week 2015 - The MegaMy
Unias Praetris (pages 29-31)
Villain Week 2015 - Colonel Maurize
Mundus Concordia