Here is where you will find all the old news, archived. You may look through it if you wish.

It's time for the beginning of Niji Chikara chapter 3! Thus begins the search for the fourth and final heroine...

We've made it to the end of chapter 2 of Niji Chikara! Stay tuned next week for the beginning of chapter 3; exciting stuff is coming!

I've been adding some old bonus pages to the Villain Week comic archives, for anyone who missed them! Oh, there's one for this year, too...

For anyone who missed it, I did a short Villain Week comic! You can read the whole thing here.

There's also a new Niji Chikara page! So much happening!!

It's that time of year again! Happy Villain Week!

There was an error with the Niji Chikara archives where it wasn't properly showing pages from the latter half of chapter 1, but it's been fixed now! You can now read the comic in its entirety again.

After noticing some unusual activity in our ad analytics, we've added some bot protection to the site. The privacy policy has been updated to reflect this. Happy New Year!

I don't know if anyone remembers the Christmas song I posted 10 years ago, but I was working on an animation to go with it! I never finished it, but I'm still pretty proud of it, so I figured I'd go ahead and share the animation as it is. You can find it on YouTube here. Merry Christmas!

If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out the Niji Chikara pilot episode on YouTube! And similarly, there's some new entries in the Niji Chikara sketchbook!

We've made it to the end of Niji Chikara chapter 1! Thanks to everyone who's been reading along so far, I hope you've been enjoying it!

Next week will be the start of chapter 2, which I am very excited about. There's a lot of fun stuff coming, so I hope you're excited, too!

Big news today: Niji Chikara is finally here!! You can check it out right now!!

I have quite a bit to say about it, so for more info, you can check out this blog post! (Blog? What blog?)

Been doing a bit of cleanup around the site—mind the mess! Also worth noting, the latest Villain Week comic is now in the Encyclopedia!

The final page of this year's Villain Week page is up! Ending on more of a somber note than usual. Don't worry, I'm sure there's more fun days ahead for these guys, right...?

Hey there! Guess it's been a little while, hasn't it? Things have been busy on my end, but exciting stuff is on its way!

That being said, it's Villain Week! I'm doing a new comic, which you can find over here. And since the comics are getting more and more self-referencial (this one is pretty much a direct followup of 2021's), I've decided to merge all of the Villain Week comics into one archive, so you can check out any past comics that you've missed!

The final desktop image is up! This one's in honor of the backstory comic for the two Niji Chikara villains, Rising Darkness.

And with that, Backstory Month comes to an indefinite end. Thanks for all the years; we've had a good run!