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heyyy guys!! merritt here! ag wanted me & redflash to draw smth cuz of our backstories. so we drew us bein epic!!! bluebounce drew on it too i guess cuz now those 2 are fightin again. but thats ok cuz im the best part of the picture neway ;D

Hey everyone! After 12 years (!) of Backstory Month, I figured it's time to take a break from backstory comics for a while. But I thought it would be nice to do a retrospective on the backstory comics up to this point, so I've prepared some desktop images for you to enjoy! The page is here, and I'll be updating it throughout the month with new images. Thanks for 12 years!

And that's the end of Villain Week! I hope you all enjoyed it more than Teinei did. And to those who celebrate it, happy Easter!

Villain Week 2021 is here! Things get awkward for Teinei Takushubi when Cap'n Merritt shows up in the Niji Chikara world.

We have ads again, courtesy of Comicad Network! It works similarly to how Project Wonderful did, so you can have your own ads up there for a certain price. Nifty!

Some new entries have been added to the sketchbook! Check out the sketches for the card art for Go Fish. Additionally, you can find the full-res card art on Patreon!

Happy 13th anniversary, AmysGames! To celebrate, a new game has been released: AmysGames Go Fish. Because sometimes you just want to play Go Fish.

With the end of a new comic comes more entries for the sketchbook! Check out all the new entries for Mundus Concordia!

The final page up Unias Praetris is now up! For anyone who was waiting until the end, you can now read it all in one sitting. For those who have been following along, I hope you enjoyed it—it was quite a doozy this year!

It might be a bit late, but Backstory Month is finally here! Discover a piece of Vallen and Almodine's past in Unias Praetris!

I found an old Flash game I never uploaded to the site for some reason, and updated it to HTML5! Check out A Day With RedFlash!

Hey everyone! Things have been pretty hectic for me recently (I'm sure a lot of you can relate), so I've decided to postpone Backstory Month this year. My current plans are to do it in August instead of July, but we'll see how it pans out. Thanks for your understanding!

Erron has really been making an impact around here lately, hasn't he? Well, I think it's time for his debut in his own new game: Erron's Adventure! Play it today!

The final update of Side Character Week is up. I hope you all enjoyed it!

It's Villain Week again, but certain other characters are feeling a bit left out... the side characters have decided to throw their own party!

As an aside, I hope everyone's staying safe out there! My thoughts are with everyone at this difficult time.