So what is AmysGames Entertainment?
It's mainly an indie game website (thus "AmysGames"), though I've also been putting up some webcomics and animations to keep things busy while the games still aren't finished (thus "Entertainment").

How long have you been making games?
You'd be surprised. I've been wanting to make games ever since I was little, and started learning to program when I was about nine. (Not very well back then, of course!)

What do you make your games with?
Nowadays I mostly use Game Maker, just because it does most of the hard work for me. :P Though I do still tend to make most of it in their built-in programming language, GML.

What do you make your art with?
Most of the site graphics are done in Macromedia (Adobe) Flash 8, while my pixel art is made in GraphicConverter.

Can I make fanart/fanfiction?
Please do! I'm a fan of pretty much anything fan-made, as long as it's nonprofit, of course. About the only thing I'd be hesitant about is fan games, and I can't guarantee that I'll look at every piece of fan work that comes my way. But in general I don't mind.

How long until (blank) is done?
I admit to getting a bit ambitious and starting a lot of major projects at once, so it may be a while before I get to everything. XD; Expect to see some updates soon, though!