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There are a few AmysGames-specific events that happen throughout the course of the year. Here you can see what they are, when they happen, and the activities that went on during that event in previous years!

Villain Week
What: A week dedicated to the evildoers of AmysGames. Expect to see a special story revolving around the villains, special villain-themed art, or other villain-themed activities!

When: Fourth week of March


Backstory Month
What: A month that revolves around the past. Expect to see someone's backstory revealed throughout the course of this month, and gain some extra insight into the AmysGames characters!

When: July


AmysGames Anniversary
What: The day that AmysGames first appeared on the web. It's on this day the site grows a year older, and you can generally expect something exciting to be going on!

When: December 6th

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Content Anniversaries
The days certain content on the site first appeared on AmysGames!

• Aiiro No Kunoichi - April 9th
• Super Sphere Struggle - December 6th

Content created in celebration of various other holidays and events not listed here.

American Independence Day 2009 - Christmas 2012 - Christmas 2013