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This is a page about Sesrina's Wand, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Sesrina's Wand
Sesrina's Wand

Found in The Ancient Cave

Sesrina's Wand

The wand that once belonged to The Great Sorceress Sesrina. One of the most powerful artifacts in Curissya, Sesrina's Wand was said to have been hidden in The Ancient Cave near Nikoho Town.


Sesrina's Wand was the wand used by the legendary Great Sorceress Sesrina. It is said to be hidden away in the Ancient Cave near Nikoho Town, and that it contains powerful magic, but only those chosen by Sesrina are allowed to harness it. Many an adventurer has gone into the cave in search of it, but none have ever been able to find it.

Recently, however, it would seem that the wand was found by a young girl named Larissa Jeniver.

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