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This is a page about Mundus Concordia's Magic System, in the AmysGames Encyclopedia.

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Every living being in the Mundus Concordia universe possesses two types of energy: life energy, and magic power. Combining these energies, one is able to create magic, which has many uses, both incredible and practical.

Life energy, also known as one's aura, is the very essence of one's being. Though invisible to most, auras come in a variety of colors—sometimes they can have multiple colors, and may change over time, but they're always different for each person. And for magic users, it is also the source of their magic.

However, while the aura provides the magic, it is magic power (MP) that provides the ability to actually use it. In order to cast spells, one must expend some of their MP, which then combines with the energy of their aura to produce the desired result. MP can be used until it is fully expended, at which point no more magic is possible until MP is recovered.

How to Learn Magic?

Some are more naturally inclined toward magic than others, able to learn new spells with ease simply from study and practice. Some may not be able to learn spells this way, and require an external source to gain spells.

It is possible for a magic user to transfer some of their life energy into certain magic-receptive materials, usually certain types of crystals. This is also known as enchanting, and is often used to increase the magic power of whoever uses these items, sometimes giving them access to spells they wouldn't normally be able to use.

It is also possible to solidify one's energy into a crystalline form, creating what is known as a Spell Sphere. The Spell Sphere can then be absorbed by someone else, giving them the energy for a particular spell—either granting them a spell they did not know before, or increasing the power of one they already knew. However, creating a Spell Sphere is considered to be more difficult than enchanting, so they are rather rare. Those that know how to make them often make them to be sold by vendors.

Finally, a magic user can potentially transfer energy directly to another person, allowing that person to then use certain spells. However, this is very rarely done, as it is extremely difficult to do correctly, and those who can find the previously mentioned methods to be more convenient.

A magic user must always remember to never expend too much of their life energy, as it is very dangerous and can be fatal. These techniques should only be performed by those with proper training.

About Elements

Every spell can be classified into one of eight different elements. Each element has its own unique properties, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

  • Fire: Fire spells deal with everything related to fire and heat. Most Fire spells are offensive in nature, so it's considered to be a dangerous element if used improperly.
  • Water: Water spells deal with water and moisture. A volatile element, Water spells can be anything from soothing to deadly. It must be handled with care.
  • Nature: Nature spells specialize in controlling the world around the user, from the plant life, the ground beneath them, or even the wind. This element is considered difficult to use, but if done properly, can be truly powerful.
  • Electric: Electric spells deal with electricity. Electric spells are swift and powerful, able to stun opponents as well as cause hefty damage. That said, electricity can be difficult to control, and is best used in the hands of a master.
  • Cold: Cold spells deal with temperature, even creating ice from the moisture in the air. Though often considered a more subtle element, it can be especially powerful if used correctly.
  • Magic: A unique element that uses the individual's own energy to create a wide variety of spectacular results. Though perhaps not the strongest of elements, it is certainly the most versatile.
  • Darkness: Considered by many to be the most powerful of elements, Darkness spells are capable of harming others in truly terrifying ways. Though shunned in many cultures, Darkness magic can be very useful if handled with care.
  • Light: A gentle element, most Light spells provide health and protection for self and others. Offensive Light magic is not common, though said to be extremely powerful, rivaling even Darkness magic.

Some people have an added elemental layer to their aura, giving them a special affinity toward that element. These people are referred to as "Elementals," and are more powerful in their natural element than any other.

Though it is possible for non-Elementals to become Elementals through rigorous training in a given element, most Elementals are born with the affinity. Elementalism is genetic, and typically one or both parents have to be Elementals for the child to be born as one. There is no known way for an Elemental to change their element.

Each element has a unique color associated with it, which can be seen in Elementals' auras by those who can see auras, or to anyone else via Spell Spheres or certain enchanted items. Each element color is always the same—Fire's is orange-red, Water's is a deep blue, etc.—with the exception of the Magic element, which instead uses the user's natural aura color.

Some elements do not interact well with each other, causing some elements to be especially damaging to certain Elementals. Additionally, the Darkness and Magic elements both have the special property of being particularly effective against non-Elementals. See the below chart for the full list of elemental advantages.

Mundus Concordia Type Chart

It has also been noted that children with strong Elemental heritage may take on physical characteristics associated with their element, especially in hair and eye colors (Fire Elementals may be born with red hair, etc.).

Special Magic

Normally, spells cannot use more than one element at the same time. However, there is a certain type of magic that uses equal parts of every element, used only by certain legendary beings. This type of magic is unequivocally the most powerful magic in all the worlds, but is impossible to learn without the aid of these beings.

Like Elementals, anyone with this special type of magic gains an additional layer to their aura, colored pure white. It is possible to be an Elemental and have this magic, as well.

It is believed that similar types of magic exist, which use more than one element at once, but there is little information available about them.