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4th Anniversary Video
Release DateDecember 8, 2011
Characters Almodine Werr

4th Anniversary Video

The 4th Anniversary Video was an animation made for the fourth anniversary of AmysGames. In it, Almodine Werr informs A.G. that today is the website's fourth anniversary, and that nothing seemed to have been planned for it... or was it?

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Plot Synopsis

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Almodine walks up to A.G. to tell her something, but is distracted by the camera she has set up, asking what it is. A.G. informs her that she is recording the conversation in order to say Almodine's name out loud a few times. Almodine finds this weird, so the conversation is shifted to the topic at hand: it's the website's fourth anniversary, and A.G. doesn't seem to have planned anything.

A.G. agrees that she should probably do something, and offers two pages of Aiiro No Kunoichi and an update for Super Sphere Struggle. Almodine is surprised, but says that "I suppose that could work." A.G. then ups the ante by adding an entire site revamp—all things that were actually done for the fourth anniversary. Almodine is thoroughly stunned, and A.G. finishes with simply, "I've been busy! Happy anniversary, AmysGames!"