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1st Anniversary Video
Release DateDecember 7, 2008
Characters Gloria Rosebloom
Larissa Jeniver
Sanori Minosei
...And more!
Location(s) AmysGames Offices

1st Anniversary Video

The 1st Anniversary Video was an animation made for the first anniversary of AmysGames. In it, A.G. asks her characters what she should do for the site's first anniversary video.

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Plot Synopsis

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In a meeting room at the AmysGames Offices, A.G. asks her characters what to do for the 1st anniversary of the website. Larissa, excited by this, suggests a big party with cake, ice cream, and fireworks! Gloria points out that this wouldn't be reasonable, since the site's visitors come from all around the world.

BlueBounce cuts in with a suggestion to make an RPG about him vanquishing his archnemesis, RedFlash the Deranged. RedFlash, of course, hates the idea, and the two of them get in a fight, which everyone else ignores entirely.

Sanori, already bored, suggests simply putting up the New Year's logo and putting a note in the news that says it's the first anniversary, because "it's what we did for all the other holidays." Everyone else agrees to it—except for BlueBounce, who no one is paying any attention to—though with some reluctance from Larissa's end.

As everyone else leaves (except for BlueBounce and RedFlash, who are still fighting), Larissa asks A.G. if they can't still do something more exciting, like perhaps an animation with everyone in it. A.G. points out that, technically, this WAS an animation with everyone in it. Larissa is confused as A.G. kicks down the wall (the "fourth wall").